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Nothing is more important than Solid Contact


Imagine you had the most powerful swing in all of baseball. Imagine you had more bat speed than Bryce Harper, you were stronger than Mark McGuire, and you have the best bat money can buy. Now, imagine with all these amazing gifts, every ball you hit is off the end of the bat, or you flat out miss. How much power would you have?

There are many contributing factors to hitting the ball with power. The most important of which is typically the most overlooked. It does not matter how much bat speed you have, or how strong you are, or even the type of bat you use, IF YOU DO NOT HIT THE BALL OFF THE GOOD PART OF THE BAT, THE BALL DOES NOT GO ANYWHERE! Too many times I see hitters step into a batting cage and struggle to make contact because all they are thinking about is swinging hard. It doesn't even don on them that they just missed 7 straight balls thrown from a machine at roughly the same location and the same speed. Good contact
IS something that can be improved! Therefore, the first thing a hitter should do in order to develop power is master all the skills involved in getting the barrel on the ball more often.

I am not telling you that after you have honed your skills on making good contact you don’t need to worry about learning to develop using your body with power, but I am telling you that a player with a good swing that never makes contact isn’t a hitter by definition, and will find himself on the bench.

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