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See the ball As Clearly As Possible.


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Your eyes work like a camera... If the camera (your head) is moving, it takes blurry pictures. If they are taking blurry pictures, then how can you be able to hit the ball squarely. This is by far the most important lesson in baseball. If you can hit... you won't sit! Too many players confuse hitting with hitting with power. Hitting with power is great and a player that can hit and hit with power is a God send, a player who can hit but doesn't hit for power is a scrapper, but a player who can hit for power but can't make contact is a disappointment.

No matter how hard you swing, it only matters if that hard swing makes solid contact, because without it, it is simply a strike. When you ask most players what they think is important for them to think about when they are hitting, sometimes you will hear "Keep your eye on the ball." Though keeping your eye on the ball is important, making sure that your head is stable throughout your swing is just as critical.

Too many young hitters throw their bodies around while they are hitting which causes heads to move all over the place. Remember, if you put a camera on a tripod but you kick the tripod, the camera is still going to take blurry pictures.

Take a look at this video of Miguel Cabrera hitting. When the camera view switches to show his swing from the side take notice how stable his head is.

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