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Hit from an Athletic Position


This one is very simple... In any sport you play, the more often you are in an athletic position, the better you will do! Hitting is no different. This means, when we hit, we shouldn't be too narrow, nor too wide. An athletic position is somewhat unique to everyone, though it is always wider than shoulder width. The easiest way to find yours is to simply pretend you are fielding a ground ball or playing defense in basketball. The width that your feet go when you go to field a ground ball is your athletic position. You will also notice that while you are pretending to field that ground ball your chest will line up directly over your knees which will also be directly over the balls of your feet.


Starting out your stance in an athletic position will help ensure that your body won't have to make any quick jerky movements to get itself into an athletic position in order to take your swing. Often I find that hitters who are in slumps are guilty of straightening up their upper body such that their knees are over the balls of their feet, but their chest isn't. Then their first movement (which they are unaware of) is to throw their upper body over their knees while they are trying to stride or load causing some difficulties at picking up the ball early.

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