Drive through the ball.

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Baseball is not Golf! A golf ball weighs no more than 1.62 oz. and a golf club weighs roughly 11 oz. (for a club to ball weight ratio of 6.8:1). A baseball weighs 5 oz. and a bat is somewhere around 30 oz. (for a bat to ball weight ratio of 6:1). Though it may not seem like a big deal, the average baseball bat would have to be 34 oz. to be able to achieve the same weight ratio of club/bat to ball as golf. And that would only be for hitting a ball of the tee.

Unfortunately, in baseball we have to overcome the extra force that a baseball is exerting on our bat from being thrown at 90 friggen miles per hour. Everyone forgets about how much force this exactly is until it hits them in the side of the ribs and we remember how much a thrown baseball hurt. It hurts because it is exerting force on us. It is important to understand that the same amount of force is being exerted on our bat each time we make contact. In a sense, unlike the golf ball, a baseball fights back! In order to make sure that our bat accelerates through the ball we need to make sure we are not completely out of juice at the initial contact point.

Think of your swing like it were a boxers punch. If a boxer were to stand far enough away from his opponent to where he would make contact with him at the exact point where his arm were fully extended, although he would be making contact at the moment his fist was moving its fastest, his strike would do hardly more than sting a little bit. Now take that same boxer and allow him to hit his opponent one foot closer, his arm will be able to continue to extend and drive him backward. Hitting a baseball is very similar.


When we think of hitting a baseball in the same way a boxer would about hitting his opponent, it becomes much easier to understand. Making contact with the baseball when our arms are extended is not the ideal position to hit. In order to drive the baseball, we need to make contact and drive through it.

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