Build an Explosive Lower Body

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Your body has two types of muscle fibers, and each has a different use. Slow twitch muscles are the workhorses which are very durable and reliable. They are capable of doing low to moderate activity over a very long period of time. The second type is fast twitch which is used in explosive movements. Oddly enough though baseball is viewed to many as slow paced, it is almost completely utilizing the fast twitch muscle fibers in your body. Every activity on a baseball field typically involves utilizing high intensity activities over a very short period of time.

For the purposes of building speed, we will be focusing on developing the fast twitch muscles in our lower body (though training your entire body for explosive activities is essential for a complete baseball player). Several exercises have been proven to be beneficial for increasing speed, and many can be done without a membership to a gym.

1. One Legged Triple Jump.
This exercise is intended to be measured for distance and recorded for comparison in the future.

2. Box Jump.

3. Plyometric Deadlift (One Legged Deadlift Jump).

Best Leg Exercise For Explosive Power by greenfithealth

4. Standing Broad Jump.

These are only a few examples of drills that can be done to help improve your explosiveness. Do your own research and add in your favorites.

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Want to throw Harder? Create Torque!

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Much like with hitting, in order to generate more power in our throwing, we need to create torque between our lower half and our upper body. Some players stumble upon this early and easily, and others have to work hard at it. This can be difficult once again simply because our eyes tend to play tricks on us when we watch Major Leaguers do things. Often the biggest mistake players make while throwing is to not get their front foot down in time, and they try to release the ball at the same moment when their front foot lands.

In order to be able to create the torque required to throw harder, you need to make sure that even though you are driving your momentum forward, your front foot gets down while your weight is on your back leg. This is a very simplified explanation, but we are simply talking about throwing not pitching and though they are very similar, they are not exactly the same. Take a look at some of these throws from outfielders and see if you can notice the sequence of their foot landing then their arm coming forward.

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