Work on Strengthening your Shoulder

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This is the most polarizing topic lately in baseball because there appears to have been some amazing developments in getting players to throw harder. A program developed by Tom House has many players claiming they have found the key to throwing harder than they have ever before. To most in the baseball world, the debate isn't if it works, but more so whether it is safe.

I know I just opened the cookie jar and turned around and left the room, but the details of this program need to be provided to you by someone who really knows what they are doing, and not someone who watched a couple of youtube videos. What I will tell you is something that was told to me a very long time ago and I still believe to this day. If you were to race a Corvette and Chevy Aveo inside a gymnasium, the car with the best brakes would win. The theory goes that your shoulder will only allow itself to generate the amount of velocity that it can safely stop. Therefore, if you make your brakes better, you will be able to throw harder.

Work on building up strength in the back of your shoulder with motions that are reverse of the motion of throwing. Remember this is your throwing arm and a year of sitting out because you tore something isn't worth not playing. Especially since the majority of the people reading this will end their careers at their high school graduation. Even for those of us who play much longer, I can assure you after it is done, it feels too short.

Below are some examples of exercises which are great examples of strengthening the braking muscles of your shoulder.

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