If you want to Run Faster... RUN!

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The best and easiest way to increase your speed is to simply run, or better yet... sprint. Even without an expensive speed coach, the action of running and pushing yourself will help your form. You wouldn't expect to be good at hitting without taking swings in a cage, or be a good infielder without taking ground balls, so in order to be a fast runner you need to practice running.

A very simple sprinting routine is as follows (make sure to warm up appropriately before each workout begins):

- Jog nice and easy for 0.5-1 mile
- Dynamic stretching routine (see attached video in "Stretch" tab).
- 2 to 3 40 yard build sprints starting at ~75% finishing at 100%

*Know your body... if you do not feel loose, continue warm-up drills until you are ready.

Monday and Thursday:
- 5x20 yard (walk or jog back slow)
- 4x30 yard (walk or jog back slow)
- 3x40 yard (walk back)
- 2x60 yard (walk back)
- 4x20 yard (walk back)

Tuesday and Friday:
- Jog-Sprint-Jog-Walk (10-20 minutes) (SEE DESCRIPTION BELOW...)

- 2 mile run

For this exercise, first find a relatively large flat area where you have roughly 90 ft by 50 ft, and set up 4 cones about 15 feet apart for the lanes and 60-90 feet apart for the distance.

Start in the Jogging Lane and jog to the far lane (Sprint Lane) and perform a sprint past the far cone. Then slow yourself to a jog and continue on back to the Jogging Lane. Jog around to the Walking Lane and walk at a pace where you will be rested and ready to go once you get to the Jogging Lane again and repeat by continuing your jog back to the Sprint Lane (see diagram below).


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Stretch to get FASTER

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No... I'm not talking about what we all used to do before Gym Class, and I'm not trying to get into the war between those who think stretching before competition is the key to success and health or those who believe it is a completely out of date philosophy passed down to us by the same guys who also used that crazy belt vibrating machine. I'm talking about increasing flexibility to increase stride length and increase stroke distance from your drive leg.


Think about it... If you can increase your flexibility which in turn lengthens your stride by 1" per stride, it could make a pretty big difference. Now, we will keep this math fairly simple, and we will deem the time it takes to take a longer stride as being negligible, but on average a runner's stride at his peak is ~1.14 to1.17 times his height. Therefore a 6' tall man would take on average an 82" stride during the peak of his sprint. Over 60 yards, that would mean he is taking more than likely ~30 strides (including a few extra strides to get up to speed). If that man were capable of running a 60 yrd sprint in 7.0 sec, that would mean he is taking roughly 0.233 second per stride, and if each of those 30 strides were 1" farther, that would mean he would be able to cover the same 60 yards in only 29.58 strides. Though it does not seem like much, that 0.42 fraction of a stride saved at 0.233 seconds per stride, calculates out to 0.1 seconds. That would mean that this player now runs a 6.9 second 60 instead of a 7.0, and though it does not seem like much, to many coaches and scouts being a sub 7 can be a deal maker.

Hip Flexor Stretch-resized-600

Try to increase flexibility in all the muscles of your legs, however, focus on hip flexors and hamstrings since these muscles are key to increasing stride length and the drive of each stride. Though it sounds crazy but the focus should be on your back leg (drive leg) when increasing stride not your front leg. Whether it be with static stretching or dynamic stretching (see attached video below), do your research and gain that extra inch on your stride.