Why nobody was rushing to sign Tim Tebow

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JoshuaPerich Bio-2

Let me begin this by saying that I am actually pulling for Tim Tebow and when I first saw the TMZ clip of him hitting in the cage, I thought there was a high probability that some team would sign him. The probability is still strong that a team does sign him, however, after seeing his workoutTebow1
I felt compelled to plug his numbers into our Online Evaluation Tool and show you exactly why no MLB scouts were falling all over themselves at the chance to sign him.

Tebow showed average arm strength from the outfield and though it wasn’t embarrassing, it limits his abilities as a Professional Outfielder.

Oddly enough, his running ability proved to be his second best quality as a baseball player. However, though good for the average Professional baseball player, as an Outfielder his 6.7 - 6.8 speed doesn’t stand out enough to overcome any other deficiencies.

The one thing everyone had already noticed prior to his workout was that he has definite power potential, and though he struggled with live pitching at the tryout, I believe he can improve his Hitting for Average in time with enough At Bats.

Finally, the one area where Tebow struggled the most was his fielding. Though he did catch the balls he was going after, his footwork and glove were below average for even a high school outfielder. This again is something that can definitely be improved with a bunch of repetition and some quality coaching, but at the expense of the time it takes to get up to speed.

This brings up probably the biggest thing against him... He is 29 years old, and I honestly believe that if he were given 5 Seasons of 500+ AB’s he would be able to fit in on a Professional Baseball field. That is not saying that he would be a Big Leaguer, there are way too many other variables which go into making it all the way to onto a Big League Roster, but I am saying that he would have a legitimate shot. The problem is he is not 20 years old where after his 5 years of development his tools will still be at their peak, he is 29, and by the time he gets the repetitions he is going to need, he will be in his mid 30’s and unfortunately his tools (which aren’t overly impressive to begin with) are going to be deminishing.

Tebow is the exact reason why this website was created... It does not give you sugar coated or biased feedback. It simply shows you where you fall against the competition you intend to try to compete against. Now Tebow is obviously among the most overall athletic people on the planet and with that athleticism alone it would allow him to play at a fairly high level right now. Our tool puts him in the range of where a 2nd Tier College Prospect would be, and that is not bad by any means. This is why there was enough for every MLB team (except for 2) to show up and give him a personal tryout. Now when it is all said and done, he will probably end up signing (if he hasn’t officially done so already), and though he will be given an opportunity to get the AB’s and outfield work he is going to need, it will be more for the publicity and attendance draw than it will be for his potential.

As I said from the beginning, I am actually pulling for Tebow, and though he will take a lot of grief from critics and even teammates who will feel like his celebrity is taking away their opportunity, if he is able to get up to speed quickly while the novelty of keeping him on the field is still there, he has a legitimate shot. The problem is, if he doesn’t get up to speed quickly, his celebrity isn’t that of Micael Jordan who could have played 20 years of mediocre ball and would have still sold out every stadium he ever played in, and he will be released the minute he isn’t selling extra tickets.